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Trivia Crack – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Trivia Crack is a new iOS and Android game that has topped the charts in the App Store and Google Play for quite awhile. Your goal is to answer questions from six different categories, and you can send gifts to friends, as well as compete with them (and with total strangers) to see who can unlock all of the characters first. Read on for some tips and tricks for Trivia Crack!

You and your Facebook friends can send lives and spins back and forth, so that you can go a lot longer if you run out of lives. If you have no friends on Facebook who play this game or if you don’t have a Facebook, your best bet is to make a second, games-only account on Facebook, then add people in groups who play this game. Then you and them can send lives back and forth.

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Alternatively, you can also add people who post add me requests on the App Store or Google Play review pages, or in the comments section of the article for this game. Send spins back and forth so you can get a bigger advantage by re-spinning for the crown.

You might see some questions that have been made by other fans of the game. Go to the left side menu and you will see the Question Factory, an option that will allow you to submit your own questions and get them approved or disapproved. Be sure to vote for questions as well so that you can have a say in what goes into the game, and for those that do get voted in, you can learn the right answers without having to add losses to your record.

Find the achievements in the menu area as well. Every time that you complete an achievement you will earn coins as a bonus, and the more coins that you have, the more power ups that you can buy. If you have a coupon code, you can enter that as well in order to earn more coins or spins, depending on the code.

Use the powerups wisely and make the best of them. The bomb will delete two wrong answers and make the question into a 50/50 shot. The extra time powerup is fairly self explanatory. The double chance powerup will give you a second chance if you get a wrong answer. Skip will allow you to throw away the current question and answer a different question on the same topic.