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Trivia Crack Payday – List of Promo Codes and How to Find More of Them

Trivia Crack Payday is a brand new spin on the classic trivia game for the iOS and android platforms. This is the original game where player can compete against player live in real time in trivia competitions, with the added feature that now, you and the other player can bet real life money to see who will win. The winner of the round, wins the pot.

In order to play in real money battles, normally, you have to make a deposit, but with the use of promo codes, you can get some free bonus cash to play with. Unlike deposit cash and winnings, bonus cash cannot be withdrawn, but it can be wagered, and your winnings from that wager can then be withdrawn.

Read on for a list of promo codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Trivia Crack Payday!

Before we get to the promo codes, make sure that you have pass the tutorial of the game first. Either complete the tutorial, or login using a previous account in order to skip the tutorial entirely. Ideally, you also want to make sure that you have already made an account instead of simply playing with a guest account, so that you can cheap any bit of bonus cash that you earn, without the risk of losing it.

Promo codes have a unique method of working in this game. Each player has their own promo code. You cannot use your own specific promo code, but you can’t use anyone else’s promo code.

When you use someone else’s promo code, both you and that other person will earn $10 of free bonus cash. If someone else uses your promo code, then the same thing happens.

One of the best places to look is on the comment section for literally any post on the official Facebook page for the game. Players are going to want to share their codes so that they have a good chance at earning cash, so you can pull a code from there and use it for promotional purposes.

Check the review page in the App Store, on the official download page for this game. Players are going to share their codes and reviews, and you can share yours if you want to as well.

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There are going to be plenty of YouTube videos and streams about this game, and the streamers and Youtubers are likely to share their codes with you. Twitch is the top place to find game streams, but Facebook gaming and a couple other websites also have loads of gaming related streams.

Be sure to check the comment section of this article, as well, because our readers absolutely love to share promo codes in the comments. If you’d like, you can share your promo code, as well.

To find out what your individual promo code is, go to the segment of the store that invites you to invite another player. Start sending an invite text using the prompt, then copy the five digit alpha numeric out of the URL. This is your promo code.

Here is a code that can earn you $10 of free bonus cash:


In addition to that, keep on the lookout for as many promo codes as you want. Happy hunting!


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