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Pool Payday: List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

Pool Payday is a new billiards game for the iOS and Android platforms that runs on the Skillz network, which is a network that allows players to compete against each other for cash prizes. The better that you are at this game, the more money that you have the potential to earn.

There’s a free play mode and there’s a paid play mode, but you can increase your earning power by entering promo codes. Promo codes are free codes that give you free bonus cash, that can then be put to use in competitive games, allowing you to potentially earn more cash in real life.

Read on for promo codes and how to find them in Pool Payday!

In order to get to the screen where you enter the promo codes, get through the tutorial if you haven’t done so already. Once you’re through the tutorial, you will be able to go to whatever menu you want to.

After that’s done, tap on the store. A quick way to get there is to tap on your dollar counter. Once you are there, below the selections of cash options, tap on the button that says promo code.

Once you do that, enter the promo code, click the word “done“, and the promo code will apply when you make your first cash purchase.

In Pool Payday, promo codes work much differently than they do in most other games. Typically, a promo code for a game will be given out by the developer, as a way of rewarding players or getting new players.

In cases like that, the developers will often post codes to their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds. Usually players will trade them on Reddit or Discord, or post codes that they have seen elsewhere, have used, and that they want to share.

Occasionally you will see these codes posted in the review section of the App Store and Google Play stores, under the download area for the game. This is especially true for James that are very popular, because the more popular game is, the more reviews that it’s going to have.

Players may also put codes on YouTube and Twitch as a cross promotion between the developers and the streamer or content creator who runs the channel. Developers often use the channel’s subscribers as a way to boost downloads for a game.

These codes were quite a bit differently in Pool Payday, though. For one thing, they actually involve real-life money. Because of this, they apply when you make a purchase, not right away.

A promo code in this game is actually more like an invite code. Every player has their own promo code that they can then give to other players. When a player uses that promo code, they get free money with their next purchase.

To find your promo code to invite other players with (but that you cannot use by yourself), go to the menu and tap on the “redeem free cash“ button. Tap one of the share links.

In the URL, there will be a five digit code. That five digit code is the promo code. If you want to share it with other players, copy it and post it in Reddit, in our comment section, or wherever you want to.

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