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Top War: Battle Game – How To Get Loads of Free Gems

Top War: Battle Game is a unique real time strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms that sets itself apart by incorporating merge gameplay. Instead of waiting around forever for upgrades to be done, you merge to do instant upgrades, like in some of the most popular puzzle games of today.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and can be used for all sorts of premium purchases. Normally, they cost real life money to purchase, but there are a lot of ways to earn free gems in this game.

Read on for a list of ways to get tons of free gems in Top War: Battle Game!

One of the simplest and most boring, yet most effective ways to get more gyms in this game there’s my watching the advertisement video offers. Tap the video icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and you will get a prompt asking you if you want to start a video. Start the video, and finish it, and you will earn 15 free gyms.

You can watch as many of these advertisement videos as you want, and you will earn the same reward every time. Once the videos run out, then you can either wait for them to come back, or you can close the game out, reopen it, and then watch another video.

Be sure to open up the daily free rewards that you get for logging into the game. Not all of them will consist of free gyms, but some of them will give you free gems as a reward. Other daily rewards will also give you free boost and SSR heroes and generals, which are things that you would have spent gems on anyways.

Be sure to redeem any gift codes that you might find for this game, and search out more codes, because those will give you free gems, as well. Gift codes can be used one time per account, but you can use as many gift codes as you want to, as long as they are still active. Stay in tune with various sources, including this website, to always find out what the newest gift codes are.

Go to the events tab and search out any possible event that gives you gems as a reward. One permanent event is the social media event, which will give you 100 free gems when you follow the game on social media. You don’t even have to stay a follower of the game; simply click the link, then go back to the game, and you will get your reward.

If you are going to spend money on gems, purchase the growth fund rather than making a direct one time purchase. The growth fund will give you over $100 worth of gems for just $20, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency. All that you have to do is continue to gain experience levels, and you will be able to claim all of the rewards.

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Check in your item inventory and look for any items that earn you gems in exchange for using them. Gift code rewards are one of these items; there are also gem chests and other random items that you get from winning battles or as a reward for leveling up.


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