Puppy Town: How To Win Real-Life Money and iPhones

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Puppy Town is a new idle merging game for the iOS and Android platforms that’s a lot like many of the ones that have come out already, but with one specific twist, which is that you have a shot at winning real-life money or winning a free iPhone. This is on top of the fast and addictive idle gameplay that you can engage in.

If you’re just in it for the dogs, you can unlock up to 50 different breeds, loads of kennels, and gain levels and make in-game money for even more dogs. If you’re in it for the real cash though, then you can get paid, too.

Read on for a guide on how to win real-life money in Puppy Town!

The main premise of the game is that you can merge two identical dogs into a higher level dog. For example, merge two of the level one dogs and you will get a level two dog. Keep merging and eventually you will be able to unlock the highest level dogs, once you get past level 50.

You also start out with a specific number of kennels, which are the spots where you can put the dogs. After you gain an experience level, another kennel will appear. You can also watch an advertisement and video to make an extra kennel up here.

The goal is to get to the highest form of dog, as quickly as possible, using the in-game money that you make in order to purchase better dogs from the store. As you gain experience levels, you will be able to buy better dogs, and better dogs will come out of the presents that randomly up here on the board.

The more dogs you have in the higher that there are levels are, the more money you can make within the game. You earn a certain number of cash per second, so with more upgrades, you earn more cash.

This leads into the first method to earn money in real life from this game. Of course, it requires a PayPal account.

To earn money, first, upgrade your dogs all the way to level 50. Once you do that, merge Two of the level 50 dogs together and you will get one of six different types of dogs.

One of them is the lucky puppy. The lucky puppy gives you an instant cash win, consisting of real life money that will go to your PayPal account.

The other possibilities are the fortune puppies, which there are 55. You are far more likely to get one of the five fortune puppies than the lucky puppy. If you can merge five fortune puppies together, you will get a lucky puppy and win the prize.

The other way to win money is by participating in the walkie spin contest, which has the ability to earn you a brand new phone. You can earn iPhone puzzle pieces, and if you collect enough of them, you will get the brand new phone.

Spin the lucky wheel and you have a chance at earning either a puzzle piece or a piece of the puzzle piece, and if you are extremely lucky, you can skip the puzzle pieces altogether and win the photo instantly.

To get more spins, you can do one of two things. You can either complete the achievement where are you unlock a certain level of dog, or you can watch an advertisement video for an additional free spin. You can watch as many advertisement videos as you want, until The advertisement service literally runs out of videos. Then you can close out and then open back up the game in order to get more of them.

Certain specific puppy unlocks, such as level five and level 10, will give you a puzzle piece instantly. So be sure to claim these in order to complete the phone puzzle as quickly as possible.

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