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Baseball Superstars 2020: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Baseball Superstars 2020 is the continuation of the long-running anime baseball franchise for the iOS and Android platforms, and the first one to make it to the USA since 2013. Being that it’s so much newer, this iteration uses 3D CG graphics instead of hand-drawn animation, but the character style is very much the same.

You have full control over your own player in this game, but you also have managerial control of your team and all of their trainers, equipment, and more. You have a raft of currencies to pull from including gold, diamonds, skill points, G points, superstar coins, planet coins, galaxy coins, and club coins, all of which go toward improving your team in many respects.

Read on for the tips and tricks guide to Baseball Superstars 2020!

How The Game Works

There is a lot to the game, and even though the tutorial runs through most of it, there’s so much to it that if you (like me) rush through tutorials without paying much attention, you could forget it.

To remedy that, though, go to the missions and start tabbing through all of them. You have Regular, Achievement, Growth, and Super Pass missions, and then various sub-tabs underneath all of those. You can get all sorts of rewards including Pass Points from the first three tabs, and the Pass Points can then be used to complete Super Pass missions.

Additionally, the Owner Guide is a full list of tasks and quests that will give you rewards for learning everything there is to know about running your team. Tasks open up one at a time; complete them to earn rewards such as Level Up Memory, Recruit Coupons, and more.

Trainers and Players

Getting more trainers (the main characters of the game) is fairly easy. All that you have to do is use your recruit tickets to pick up more trainers. From there, you can equip them with Trainer Cores to power them up even further.

You can also merge trainers to get better trainers using the Trade option. You have to trade multiple trainers of the same rarity, and you will have a shot at getting a trainer with a better rarity. This is a great option to pare down the trainers, since you can only have six in your deck at a time.

Make sure that you change your deck to reflect all of your new trainers each time you acquire some. Use the Rec’d option and you can add trainers in by highest tier or by position.

To get new players, you have to play through the game for awhile until you unlock more teams. You start off with just the GAMEVIL Superstars, but as you make it further into the game, you will be able to unlock more teams, use their players, and improve your overall team stats.

Play and Improve Fast

Almost the entire active part of the game can be auto-played – both the training camp areas and the actual baseball areas themselves. For speed purposes, auto-playing is best, although for full detailed customizations, play manually.

The entire baseball game can be autoplayed, but this is not recommended, as increasing your skill actually playing the game is one of the biggest areas where you can improve your luck. If you can crank a homer on command, you are going to advance really quickly even if you don’t know anything else about what you’re doing.

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Buying equipment and building skills

In training camp, you can buy new equipment in exchange for G points. Don’t buy anything but the highest-tier equipment. Save your G points, and also look for the daily deals in the store. SR equipment is common there, and even SSR shows up occasionally.

Skill points are used to customize your character even further by building on specific skills in specific situations. Go through the list and pick your favorite aspects of your player’s game in order to pick what you want to build.

How to get Diamonds, Gold, Skill Points, G Points, Various Coins, and More

You can get Diamonds by completing tutorial missions, and by going to every single menu that you can and learning what they are. Also, hit the Index area for Trainers and Players and claim any earned rewards to rack up Diamonds.

Also, you can earn them by completing Super Pass Missions. Get Pass Points using other missions and the more of them you earn, the more diamonds you can get.

G Points and Skill Points simply come by completing the pre-game training missions and the games themselves. Skill Points come faster when you set them to auto mode. G Points come faster when your player performs better in the game, which is why it’s a smart idea to play manually and perfect your hitting.

Hitting within the game – How to destroy opposing pitchers

The smaller you shrink the batting circle to, the more power you can hit for, but also, the harder it is to make contact. Your best bet is to have the circle at about half six, and time and aim your swings as close to perfectly as possible.

The special superpower pitches that you face are almost impossible to hit. Without exception, don’t swing at any of them. Just let them pass you and then go for the next pitch.

Also, don’t be afraid to refuse to swing at pitches. Take balls to get strikes, and then take strikes to get better strikes.


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