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Baseball Superstars 2020: List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

Baseball Superstars 2020 is the latest in the anime-styled baseball series for the iOS and Android platforms by Gamevil. This is the first new entry in the franchise, or at least the first one that has come to the United States, since 2013.

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The game looks far different than you might remember if you played a long time ago. It’s no longer fully hand drawn; it’s now 3-D CGI, although the styles of the players and characters are still very similar.

There are a ton of rewards that you can earn in this game, such as G points and skill points, As well as new gear, players, and trainers but some of the rarest and most sought after rewards come from coupon codes. Coupon codes can be entered on both iOS and Android versions of the game (albeit in different ways), and are absolutely free codes provided by the developer.

Read on for coupon codes and how to find more of them in Baseball Superstars 2020!

First of all, we will go over how to redeem the coupon codes. The method is very simple on the Android version of the game. All you have to do is first, pause the game and then go to the settings menu with the gears.

Next, tap on the info tab and go to the button that says “enter coupon code“. Now type in the code that you want to enter, and redeem it for your free rewards.

On iOS, things are a little bit different due to Apple‘s rules. If you go to the same menu, the coupon code button will not show up. Instead, first you have to link your account to either Hive, Facebook, or Google.

Then, if you have an Android device in the house, grab it and log into your linked account. If you don’t, then download an Android emulator, use it to run the game, sign into your linked account, and enter the code. Now you will get the code when you log back in on iOS.

now that you know how to redeem coupon codes, you actually have to find codes to exchange. The best place to find these codes is arguably the official social media channels for the game. Go to the official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels and look for promotional codes given out by the development team.

Be sure to check all of their channels, not just one of them. They may put codes on Facebook that they don’t put on Twitter, and vice versa. Their codes might go to all of their channels, or just one of the channels.

Next, be sure to check Reddit. This is an old series of games with a lot of fans over the years, so expect lots of activity on the Subreddit for the game. If someone has a coupon code, expect them to post it, and if you have a coupon code that you don’t see posted there, then make sure that you post it, too.

Look for the Discord chat invite, click it, then go to the Discord for the game. Once you are there, use the search function to look for coupon codes. Most likely, the posts will mostly be from players asking for them, but there should also be plenty of them from players who found them and are sharing them.

One of the best places to look for these codes is on video sharing sites, especially YouTube and Twitch. Streamers and video game content creators love to find new codes for games and share them, because there an easy way to get page views and video views, so look for anybody who has posted codes.

This is a brand new game, so right now there are no coupon codes available for it. However, keep checking back, because we are always searching for new codes, and whenever we find them, we will post them.


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