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9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 – How to get more NET Points

In 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013, if you ever go to the card shop under the “manage cards” section and you try to buy a card, only to find out that your points seem to have disappeared, you might be wondering what the heck is going on. The truth is, the points in the card shops are “NET points”, which are totally different from the points that you earn in the game. Net points are strictly gained and lost by buying and selling player cards with other players. So how do you go about getting more net points? Read on for tips!

First thing’s first. To get net points, you have to SELL your cards. However, the only way to buy cards is to search for a specific card, so how the hell are you gonna sell a player that nobody knows or cares about, yet keep your superstars? There are two ways to go about this. One of them is to switch out your actual name-recognition players for backups and sell your marquee players in the store.

(as a general rule, for those who don’t know baseball that well, play a special game against the AL or NL all-star teams, and any player that you see on one of those teams could be considered a “marquee player”)

Another way is to simply play league games, do the pitching and batting manually, and try to win as many bonus cards as absolutely possible. Get the bonus cards, and if you don’t end up with any name brand ones, later on, start combining your cards. The chance of getting a marquee player is somewhat random, but once you do get a superstar, jump on that. You could just as easily trade three mediocre players for one mediocre player, as you could trade three mediocre players for Derek Jeter.

Anyways, once you get a really rare star card with name recognition, you can sell it, but you won’t really get THAT many net points from it. Instead, level that card up multiple times, preferably to the max level. This costs regular points, not net points.

Now, go back to the card store and put your high level player up for sale. Undercut the others who are selling the same card, if possible. Your card will be far more likely to sell now!

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