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9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 for iPhone – How to get free Stars and Points

In 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013, Stars and Points are two of the most important things that you can get – besides the playing cards, of course. Stars are the premium currency of the game, and with them you can buy premium enhancements for your cards in the game as well as other premium goods. Points, of course, are the primary currency in the game. They are used for upgrading cards, buying new cards, and other goods in the game. Read on for ways to get free Stars and Points!

There is one way to get free stars and points, in very high number. On the main menu screen, you might notice that there is a button that says “Get free stars and points!”. Click this button and all kinds of offers will pop up. The ones that will pop up will be for stars. Scroll through and see what offers you can complete for free, without having to give over any credit card info in order to complete.

Click the tab in the top right that says “point” if you want to switch to offers that earn you free points instead. Better yet, for both of these currencies, after you download the Tapjoy app, look through all of their free offers and you’ll find a TON of them, that usually involve downloading some free game app.

Those above methods are the ways to get free stars. You can also maximize your free points that you earn by playing both the pitching and defense side of every game. Not only will you get a big bonus at the end of the game for this, but you will get big bonuses for pulling off various feats in the games. For example, hitting a home run, hitting a triple, having a batter go 4 for 4, having a pitcher strike out 5 people in a game, throwing a complete game shutout with one pitcher, or winning by a 5 point run differential will earn hundreds of points. Smaller point gains can be had for doubles, stolen bases, 3-pitch strikeouts, having 3 hits in a row, and other feats will earn you between 10 and 200 points depending on the feat.