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Guide to Tiny Legends – Crazy Knight: Tips, tricks, strategies, cheats and hints

Tiny Legends – Crazy Knight is an iPhone and iPod touch game where you play as a knight with a whole array of big weapons, and kill every monster in sight. It plays a lot like the Gauntlet games of old, except minus the level exploration, where your whole mission is simply to kill the multitude of foes that come out and come after you, trying to kill you. You have many varieties of stages such as boss battles, timed stages and “kill em all” stages – can you master them all? Read on for some tips and tricks to find out!

In this game, after the tutorial is over, you get to choose from a wide range of weapons, such as the sword, the axe, the hammer and the hatchet. In this game, the axe is the longest-range weapon, and along with the hatchet, allows you to swing in a full circle around you. Therefore, choose the axe if you want the best weapon for creating very very long attack combos. The hammer and hatchet are also excellent, but the sword is mediocre due to its lack of range.

In the timed stages where you simply have to survive for a given amount of time, don’t spend the entirety of the stage trying to take every single enemy head on. There is only a certain number of enemies who can be on stage at once, so let them all chase you and max out, and get in a big mob together, and run around, circling the outer perimeter of the stage while they follow you. Then, with about 20 seconds left or so, turn around and start annihilating all of them for quick, large combos.

Before you play the Iron Golem boss early on, who is level 5, play the level 6 Zombie survival stage over and over to rack up coins so that you can buy the Mace or an even better weapon to use against the Golem. The Golem is strong, so it will take the best weapon you can get to beat him.