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Guide to Beat the Boss for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Beat the Boss is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where you get to, well, beat the boss. Well, you don’t exactly kick the boss. You throw him around, bash him into walls, and attack him with all kinds of various office related weapons at your disposal, such as thumb tacks, post it notes, pencils, and white board erasers. With each attack you get a coin or two, and when you “kill” the boss (which leaves him “dead” for about fifteen seconds), you get fifteen to twenty bonus coins. Then, you get to to revive him immediately using extra hearts you can buy with your coins that you earn from killing him. Ironic, huh? Yeah, anyways, read on for some tips and tricks for Kick the Boss.

While killing the Boss does earn you a whole bunch of bonus coins, it also greatly slows the game down, leaving you waiting until the Boss revives so that you can continue playing the game. Some weapons are easier to kill the boss with than others. For example, sharp weapons such as thumb tacks will kill Joe the Boss very quickly. The weapon that takes the longest to kill him is the whiteboard eraser. It takes a long time to kill him with it, but it’s very easy to land a hit, meaning that you simply have to rub the eraser over the boss to hit him with it. This is one of the best early weapons for earning a large amount of coins, especially since you can upgrade it cheaply.

To upgrade weapons, go to the weapons menu and tap the blue arrow, then choose the weapon that you own already that you want to upgrade. When you upgrade it gives you 2x the amount of coins for 2 stars, or 3x the amount of coins for 3 stars. Also, more expensive weapons give you more coins – for example, post it notes gives you 3 coins per hit, but give you 6 when upgraded once and 9 when upgraded twice.

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