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Office Zombie Checklist Walkthrough: How to complete the entire checklist

In Office Zombie, just as in Office Jerk, you have an entire checklist of strange things to do to complete in order to earn the cactus (instead of the trophy). Once you earn the Cactus you can throw it at the office zombie, which makes for all sorts of entertaining shenanigans. For a step by step guide to the entire checklist, read on!

To find the checklist, go to the office supply rack at the bottom right corner of the screen, and tap it. At the top of the screen will be the checklist button. Click it to see every item on the checklist. As follows:

Anviled: Chop the rope holding the Anvil, using the buzzsaw.

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Backhammered: Throw the hammer at his back and stick it there.

Bad Kitty!:

Break and Enter:

Bug Splat: Throw the hammer at the computer screen when there is a bug crawling on it.

Cold Kiss: Throw the fish at his face until it bites his face

Disarmed: Chop off his arm with the Buzzsaw.

Employee O The Month: Hit his “employee of the month” picture with an object.

Fishing Hat: Land the fish on his head until it chomps his head.

Hammered: Throw the hammer at his face until it sticks in his eye.

Hot Potato: Throw the grenade at his head until he catches it and starts playing hot potato with it.

Hot-headed: Throw the pumpkin at his head until it lands on top of his head and catches on fire like Ghost Rider.

Magic Hand: Throw the Buzzsaw at him until he catches it.

Mind Blown: Throw the grenade when he opens his skull to scratch his brain, and he’ll close it with the grenade inside. Then it’ll “blow his mind”.

Scalps Off To You!: Throw the bear trap and land it on his head. When it closes around his head he’ll pull his whole scalp off.

Trapped: Throw the bear trap at him until he gets his hand caught in it.

Twist’n Grunt: Hit him over and over with the pumpkin until he twists and grunts.