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Office Jerk for iPhone and Android: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

One of the most popular new games on the iPhone and Android OSes is Office Jerk, a game by Fluik that lets you take out your frustrations (presumably, those that you might blame on the real life jerk in your office) on a virtual office jerk. You know who this guy is – he’s the guy who kisses up to the boss, wins Employee Of The Month every month, and beats you out for all of the pay raises. Well, no more, because in Office Jerk for the iPhone and Android, you get to throw a bunch of staplers, paper wads, computer monitors, fans and other items at him. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Office Jerk.

The game is fairly straightforward in premise. You pick your item that you want to throw, and then you’ll get transported to a scene where you have to aim that item at the Office Jerk. Swipe from bottom to top, and sideways as needed, in order to throw the item. Your goal is to hit the jerk as many times in a row as you possibly can, and in as many creative ways in a row as you possibly can.

When you first begin the game, you are prompted to select the item you want to throw. While you are in the middle of the game, you can change up the item any time that you want to. Simply click on the office supply rack in the lower right corner of the screen and you will be taken to a screen where you can select any item that you want to throw.

You can also use random items that are strewn about the office to throw at the jerk. Simply tap the item in order to use it. You can use the fan or the scoreboard, which are perpetually in the office. Randomly, other items will pop up such as a squid; click those items in order to use them. If you see “tap here” pop up, tap it and you’ll get to throw a different item, usually a premium item that you normally have to pay coins for.

When you are in the main game screen, you’ll see, at the bottom, an arrow pointing either to the left or right, with a number next to it. This arrow is the direction that the wind is blowing, and the number is the speed that the wind is blowing. The higher the number, the further to the opposite side that you’ll have to swipe in order to hit the jerk (for example, a 3.97 wind speed to the right will require you to swipe to the left in order to hit the jerk).

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You’ll also see some other icons in the game screen. The icon that looks like a director’s clip lets you watch videos in order to earn coins, which are the game’s premium currency. The one that looks like a piggy bank will give you a daily challenge, which, if you pass, you’ll be rewarded.

When you are throwing stuff at the jerk, head shots are worth 2 points and face shots are worth 3 points. All other landed shots (for example, shots that hit him in the back) are worth only one point.