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Smash the Office Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Smash the Office is a goofy new game for the iPhone and iPad, as well as other iOS-enabled devices. Your goal in this game is to smash up the office that you work at and do as much damage as you can within the span of a minute. The more damage that you do, the more points that you earn, and you can compare your high scores against your friends on Game Center and on Facebook, and use the coins that you collect to buy power ups that allow you to do even more damage to the office. Read on for some tips and tricks for Smash the Office!

To get the spinning smash attack, smash as many consecutive pieces of office equipment as you can with your normal smash. Hold the attack button rather than tapping it rapidly in order to attack quicker. File cabinets take a lot of damage, making them one of the best pieces of office furniture to hit.

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To maximize the amount of points that you earn in one single round, use the red (XPL+) power up, which gives you the explosive hammer, and the hammer can only hit once in a row while tapping the attack button, so tap it over and over again. Hammer in an area where the blast radius will hit a lot of office equipment at the same time, and you can earn the spinning attack over and over again. Use the spinning attack to hit water coolers and copy machines for the biggest bonuses.

If you don’t have the XPL+, then when you get the spinning attack, immediately bust through the next door, into an office with all of its furniture intact, so you can smash as much furniture as possible before the spinning attack runs out.

Pick up various power ups in the stage, too, to increase your score. Coffee doubles your speed. The big coin gives you ten coins in one shot. The timer clock stops the time on the stage. Use all of these to your advantage.

If you’re just going for as many coins as possible in a stage, pick up every single coin that you find on the floor even at the expense of getting the highest possible score in the game. Or simply buy the coin doubler in the upper left corner of the screen and then do the same thing. Various achievements in the game will earn you bonus coins – click on the trophy at the end of each stage to see what the achievements are and what you have to do in order to earn each one of them.