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Guide to Office Jerk for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints, and free coins.

Office Jerk is a simple, fun and addicting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The point of the game is simply to take an item from your choice of items, such as the stapler, an eraser, a pencil, a BlackBerry and so on, and throw it at the “office jerk”. Each hit in a row that you land adds to your score, and as you increase your score, you can earn coins that you use to buy more items that you can throw at the office jerk. It’s fun, but the following tips and tricks will make it even more fun and enable you to rank with the best with your score. Read on!

To get the highest score as quickly as possible, try to get more head and face shots on the jerk. Each shot you get that doesn’t hit him in the head or face is only worth one point, but each shot that you land to the face will earn you three points, and each shot that you land to the back of his head will be two points. Usually, the first shot in a sequence that you land will hit him in the back (or the head if your aim is good), at which point he turns around and glares at you, and then your next good shot will be a face shot. Certain items, such as the cupcake, will cause him to glare at you even after the first face shot, allowing you two face shots in a row – meaning six points for just two throws.

Click on random things in the room and you’ll find extras that you can throw at the jerk. Tap the fan and you can toss it. Tap on the squid, when the squid pops up, and you’ll toss it. When you see “Tap Here” pop up, tap it and you will get a bonus item. When you click the “Top Scores” sheet of paper, there will be an option that says “throw paper” and you’ll be able to throw the top score sheet at him. After you complete the checklist you will be able to throw the trophy at him.

You can get free coins one of two ways. The first way is to “complete the daily grind” by playing for a certain amount of time once per day. The second is to click the side of the screen (the one that looks like a director’s cut board with gold chunks surrounding it. You’ll be offered youtube videos of ads to watch. Each one earns you 15 nuggets, and each 100 nuggets earns you 1 coin. Keep doing this for awhile to save up coins to buy luxury items, such as the golden stapler.