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Plumber Crack for iPhone and Android: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

It’s one of the simplest and most irreverent games to come out for the iPhone, but it is also one of the most popular now. Plumber Crack has taken the top spot in free downloads for the iPhone, and for good reason: it’s addicting and simple. All you have to do is sling ice cubes and other items and try to land them in the butt crack of the plumber in front of you. Do this to get coins and get crack bucks. Read on for the guide to Plumber Crack.

Once you press start and begin playing, there is no tutorial because there is only one thing to do: land the ice cubes in the plumber’s crack. You do get to choose the male or the female plumber. The male plumber is wider, so it’s easier to slide ice down his back and land it in his pants. The female plumber isn’t much tougher, though.

You sling ice cubes by swiping upwards from the bottom of the center of your screen. The farther upward you slide, the farther the cube goes. You want to try to find the right length of swipe so it doesn’t fly over the plumber but it doesn’t just fall short of them either.

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Each ice cube you slide into their pants earns you one coin. The meter on the left hand side of the screen increases with each successful ice cube that you land, and once it fills up, your shots will earn you one extra cent each. Each missed ice cube drops the meter down, though, and can drop the worth of each shot by one cent if it gets below empty (unless it’s already at just 1 cent per shot).

You can earn lots of extra coins with various trick shots. For example, the “spine rider” shot, which is the easiest to get, gives you 15 bonus coins if you slide a cube straight down the middle of the plumber’s back and into their pants. The “rimshot” bonus gives you 15 bonus coins if you send an ice cube straight into their pants, with no slidiing. The spine rider is the easiest one to get.

Each 100 coins that you earn earns you one Crack Buck. Crack Bucks can be used to buy new items to throw at the plumber, new outfits for the plumbers, and other bonuses. The outfits are gender specific – I.E. only the female plumber can wear the bikini. You can buy crack bucks with real money if you don’t have the patience to earn them.

The meter on the right fills up as you land successful shots, but doesn’t drop if you miss. Each time the meter is filled you will get bonuses in a purple box. These bonuses can consist of collection items, free bombs or coins. Collections allow you to get free items that you would normally pay crack bucks for.

Bombs allow you to get rid of a missed shot so that it doesn’t drag down the coin meter on the left. You have to use the bomb before the ice cube hits the ground in order to make it work.