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Guide to Plumber Crack for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, strategies, and free crack bucks

Plumber Crack is a simple little game for the iPhone that has one premise: You toss ice cubes, or other unlockable items, and try to land them so that they end up going down the plumber’s pants and into their plumber’s crack. Plumber Crack can be as addicting as crack, for fans of simple games that you can just play forever and ever. The cubes you toss earn more coins and crack bucks, with 100 coins equaling a crack buck, as well as various bonuses. You can use them to buy different clothes for the plumber, as well as different items to throw into the plumber’s butt, and various new game modes such as time attack. Now read on for some tips and tricks.

There are two different plumbers who you can choose from to throw ice cubes at, and those are the male plumber and the female plumber. The female plumber is slim with a big butt, but the male plumber is big and wide all the way around. Also, he tends to hit his head on the sink that he is working on, while the female plumber doesn’t really do that. For that reason, it is much easier to rack up a higher score and earn more crack bucks when you choose the male plumber.

The easiest way to score a ton of coins, and therefore a ton of crack bucks, is simply to swipe straight down to up, over and over again, up the very center of the screen. Your swipe should end right in the middle of the screen, or slightly above it. If your swipe is too high, then you could end up missing and sending the ice cube right over the plumber’s head. If your swipe is too low, you’ll hit his or her jeans and miss.

The straight up and down swipe is the easiest for earning the Spine Rider bonus too, which dumps 15 extra coins on you. You can also earn other bonuses, including free bombs, collections, and coin barrels, simply from landing a bunch of ice cubes in the plumber’s pants in a row.