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Castle Age HD Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Castle Age HD has just come out for the iPhone and it’s already one of the most popular RPGs on the whole iOS platform. If you’re new to Castle HD or just want to learn some things about the game that you might not know yet, keep reading.

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The beginning of Castle Age HD has you picking out a hero for yourself. It doesn’t matter too much who your first hero is, because as you play the game, you can use Gold, which is your non-premium currency, to buy more heroes. Not only will you be able to buy all of the heroes that you can choose from at the beginning, but more powerful heroes with better attack and defense as well.

Quest mode is where the bulk of your level gains will come from. When you go to a quest, you tap it to accomplish it. Quests have a percentage of completion, and each time you click a quest, it will be more complete. You get your next quest when your current quest is 100% completed. Doing quests costs energy, but earns you Gold and experience.

Battle mode is where you square off against other players. You can either duel or invade. Invading pits your entire army against their army, while dueling pits only your general against their general. When you win, you earn differing amounts of money depending on how much money the other player has. If you lose, you lose money – the amount depends on how much you have. Each attack on another player costs Stamina, and each hit you take costs you Health.

When you gain a level, you can increase either your health, stamina, energy, attack or defense. Attack and defense aren’t really recommended because there are so many other sources for those.

The Demi section allows you to pay tribute to various demigods in exchange for certain blessings, such as an increase in max health, energy or stamina. You also get demi points, which you can spend on certain bonuses.

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