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Guide to Castle Age HD for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

For fans of the original Castle Age games for the Facebook, there is now a way to play the game on the go. Castle Age HD is the very first iPhone entry into the series, and it takes the gameplay that the original two games made popular and translates it down to a smaller scale. You begin the game with the opportunity to choose who your hero is, but as the game goes on you get the opportunity to recruit even more heroes, including the ones you saw when you first started the game but chose not to pick, as well as even stronger ones. You can complete quests, battle other players, join clans and guilds, get people to join your army, and start your own clan or guild. Read on for some tips and tricks for Castle Age HD.

When you are fighting other players, you can either duel or invade. Dueling is easier to win because it is a fight between only your general and your opponent’s general. Invading pits your army against your opponent’s army, so army size doesn’t matter at all during a duel but does when you are invading.

For this reason alone, it’s much easier to figure out who is going to win before you even start battling, because it’s almost entirely a question of who has the bigger army. To get more people for your army, either post your army code below, add people who have already posted below, or just buy a ton of soldiers.


Your city is a great place to make money, because there are so many income-generating buildings that you can buy. Don’t buy one building at a time, though, or else the price of the building will go up by 10% of the original price for each of that specific building that you own. Buy 10 at once to spend the least amount of money while earning the highest amount of money. If you don’t have enough money to buy 10 at a time, try to buy at least 5 at a time, because 1 at a time is a waste.

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