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Guide to Jetpack Joyride: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Jetpack Joyride is a new game by Halfbrick Studios, also known as the company behind the smash hit Fruit Ninja, released for the iPhone and iPod touch. The premise of Jetpack Joyride is similar to running games such as Stick Run and Temple Run, in that your goal is to go as far as possible and collect asany coins as possible, but in this game you get to fly up and down using a jet pack. You also get various power suits and vehicles to ride, such as a motorcycle and a dragon, and you have to dodge missiles, electric fields and other obstacles which will kill you if they hit you. The longer the dingoes the faster it goes and the more difficult it gets. However, with this batch of tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to bethat difficult. Read on.

Some of the missions are fairly hard to accomplish in the game. One of them is the mission to slide 50 yards on your face. This one requires you to be moving very quickly when you die, so in order for that to happen you have to be at least 1500 yards through the course, preferably more. You should also be running, or at least very low to the ground, for a longer face slide. After that, it’s still 50/50 whether you will slide on your back or your face.

To get past the mission to break through the wall 5 times, die and restart the stage 5 times. That is the only way to get one breakthrough of the wall to your credit. And to beat the 1500 coin mission, keep playing and keep collecting coins but do not count any of the bonus coins you get for leveling up or for having a coin multiplier.

In the Android version of the game you can win the spin game every time using the arrows that light up next to the arm of the slot machine. Pull exactly as the middle arrow lights up and it is a guaranteed win. In the iPhone version it is random.