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Guide to Temple Run: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Temple Run is a simple and very popular running game for the iPhone and the iPod touch, as well as for the iPad and other mobile devices. All that you do is simply run though a temple. You jump over trees and holes, swipe to turn when there is a fork in the road or a turn in the path, slide under tree branches and fire, and try to avoid guises who are chasing you as you collect coins, run as many yards as you can and rack up as many achievements as possible. It can be difficult to run up the coins and score and yardage you want, but these tips should help you right along.

During the tutorial, every point that you collect, every coin you gather and every yard that you run counts toward your score for the run after the tutorial ends. Next time you play, the tutorial doesn’t appear, but there is a workaround to give you that advantage again.

Go to the options menu first, and then turn on the tutorial option. This is the easiest way to basically earn free coins in the game, and all of the extra yardage will help you to rack up achievements and multipliers. Also, you can very easily inflate your top scores against your friends this way.

This works especially well for the power up that lets you double the value of your coins. The first level of the power up doubles value after 1500 meters, then 1000, then Ben sooner as you continue to power up the level of that power up. Power it up to its fullest extent and use the tutorial trick and it becomes extremely easy to earn massive amounts of coins and to buy new characters and power ups, easily making your investment worth it.