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Guide to Where’s My Water? Free: tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Where’s My Water is a fun iPhone and iPod touch game where you have to try to route water from one area or valve to the pipe that leads to Swampy the Crocodile’s shower. Swampy the Crocodile is sitting there just trying to get some water for his bath, but you are the one who is responsible for getting him that bath that he so desperately wants. When you start off you have a limited number of levels, and it can be touch to achieve that amazing three duck score on Where’s My Water Free, but with the help of these tips and tricks you can get the highest scores possible and unlock even more levels than you have to begin with. Read on for the tips and tricks!

When the game starts off, you only have ten main levels that you can play. After you beat a stage, you get a score, and your score is measured in ducks. One duck is the lowest, three ducks is the highest, and two ducks are somewhere in between. The goal in each of these ten levels is to get a three duck score, which is the highest you can get.

The easiest way to get a three duck score is simply to get all of the ducks in a particular level. Each duck is worth one hundred points toward your final score, and when you get all three ducks, you can even get no time bonus or overflow bonus and still be able to get a three duck score. It is still possible to get a three duck score without getting all three ducks if you can beat the stage fast enough though.

Once you get a three duck score on all ten of the initial levels, you then unlock a new level pack. Keep getting three duck scores on all of your current stages and new levels will keep opening up.