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Guide to Where’s My Perry?: Tips, tricks, strategies and cheats

Where’s My Perry? is the sequel to the hit Disney iPhone game Where’s My Water? This one plays almost exactly the same, but it includes the obligatory television show tie in as well. However, the gameplay is just as fun as it was in the old game. Your goal is to dig through the dirt to try to get the water to the inlet, which will then activate the elevator that sends Perry to the next level. It can be difficult at times, but remembering a few tips and tricks can help you to beat the hardest levels much more easily. Read on for some strategies!

You have three different objects to collect in each stage, which look like lawn gnomes. Collecting these lawn gnomes will determine your score on a particular stage, so make sure to think ahead in order to direct the stream of water so that it hits all of them first. If you skip lawn gnomes, you might miss unlocking new stages (which is done when you get three lawn gnomes on all of your missions).

When you are in a stage that has ice, water that hits the ice will turn into ice itself, and if you don’t funnel the water into the inlet quickly enough, then the ice will cause the water to be blocked off, making you lose the stage no matter what you do in order to beat it. Some stages have a heat ray, though, and if you can activate it by hitting it with water, it will defrost any ice that it touches, turning it back into water.

The more water you can get into the inlet at the end of the stage, the higher your score will be, because that water will add an “overflow bonus” to your score.