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Retro Bowl College – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Retro Bowl College is a new football game for the iOS and Android platforms that serves as a follow up to Retro Bowl, which is one of the most underrated hits on the App Store. You get to be in charge of your own college football program, make decisions as the head coach, and then control the players during the game as you select plays and try to win. You can choose your favorite real-life college, you can watch your players get drafted by pro teams at the end of the year, earn credits and scholarship money, and use that scholarship cash to sign top players out of high school.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Retro Bowl College!

With all that this game has going on, it’s good to remember that at its core, the key to the game is play selection and actually executing the play. You only control the offenses in this game, but you have a wide range of plays to pick from, ranging from passing plays, to bullet passes, to running plays, to quarterback sneaks, field goal kicks, and more. You also have to manually aim all of the passes and swipe to help your runner avoid obstacles and opposing players.

Generally, when you pick a running play, it’s best to try to run through the middle of the scrimmage and let your office of lineman block the opposing lineman. A good offensive line will successfully make a hole for you to run through, keeping the defenders occupied while you blast through and create an open space, making it easier to get a first down or a touchdown.

Passing plays can be a little bit trickier to pull off then running plays. You have to aim to throw precisely, and when you do aim it, you have to take into account where your wide receivers are going to be and who is defending them. If they have two or three defenders on them, then it will be nearly impossible for them to make the catch.

It can be easier to pull off a bullet pass then a normal pass, but because the trajectory of the pass is lower, it can be easier to accidentally hit your receiver in the back of the helmet or to get intercepted by a defender who is standing in between you and the receiver. Choose your passes wisely, because normal passes are not the best for all situations, and bullet passes aren’t either.

You constantly get to choose whether to kick a punt or a field goal or continue with the plays. When it’s late in the game and the score is close, this is especially the time that you should play more conservatively. You can kick a field goal in order to take a narrow lead or extend a narrow lead, and punting can allow you to get strong field position when the other team is on offense, so that they have a much slimmer chance of scoring a touchdown or a field goal.

There are all kinds of dilemmas and choices that you have in between games, and how you answer the dilemmas could benefit your team greatly. Some of them will increase the morale of your players, the engagement of the fans, or earn you more credits. There are some negative situations that pop up that will decrease the morals of the fans or cause you to have to spend credits, or demoralize a player. Make the best choice that works the best for your team and for your school overall.

Be sure to spend your credits wisely. You can use credits for many different things, such as increasing the ranking of the school, leveling up your entire team, upgrading your offensive and defensive coordinators, boosting things like your GPA and your morale, and leveling up or upgrading specific players. Credits are very hard to earn and come by rarely, though, so use them wisely.

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The players that show on your roster are just your key players, not all of your players. You have other players on your team, but they are invisible on the roster and you can’t upgrade them individually. In order to get more performance out of them, upgrade the coordinators.