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Big Win Football for iOS: How to get tons of free coins!

The Big Win gaming franchise has been one of the big hits of the sports gaming world for the iOS, and the newest addition is Big Win Football. In Big Win Football you get to manage a gridiron team of your choosing, earning coins and bucks, unlocking new card packs which contain new players and booster cards, toughening your team up and beating up on the opposing teams. Coins are the primary currency of the game, and while they don’t give you stuff as nice as big bucks do, they are big business when it comes to packing away the silver card packs, getting rid of the bronze packs, and making a better team. Read on to find out how to get a lot more coins in Big Win Football!

First and foremost, one way to get more coins is to just keep watching videos over and over for free coins. To do this, when you are on the main menu screen with the options listed, tap on the “Get free coins” button next to the coins counter to go to a menu that shows you how to get free coins. Tap on the video option and you can watch as many videos as you want, for 150 coins apiece.

Next, sell all of the cards that you have, that you don’t need. Old player cards that you have no longer equipped, and uniform cards that you do not use, are your most likely cards to fit under this criteria. These old cards can actually earn you hundreds more coins.

If you have a whole lot of Big Bucks that are burning a hole in the pocket, you can trade one single big buck for a whopping 300 coins. This is a good idea if you want to buy a whole bunch of silver packs, as opposed to one single gold pack of cards. However, it’s still generally recommended to go for the gold cards, since those are so much more rare.

And finally, you can not only win more coins if you win at the Big Bowl or Daily games (or level up), but you can earn extra big coin bonuses if you win at the Daily Big Bowl games, place in third through first overall, and get rewarded for it.

The complete guide to Big Win Football!