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Castle Master 3D/Plus for iPhone: How to get free Gems

In Castle Master Plus and Castle Master 3D for the iPhone (which are free and paid versions of the same game), your goal is to invade various castles, take them over and make them your own. Once you take over a castle you can build and upgrade all kinds of facilites in the castle, as well as receive taxes and tributes, and even station more members of your army at each castle. If you really want to take it to the next level, you can always spend Gems, but they normally cost real money to buy. Read on, however, to find out how to stockpile more Gems for free!

There are many ways to get free Gems in this game. One of them is simply to take over another castle. To do this click on the red castle on the map, tap on “attack” and then attack the castle and destroy the gate. When you destroy the gate, you will have taken it over successfully. At this point, you’ll earn your rewards for taking it over, which most of the time includes one or more free gems.

Every time you start up the game, too, one of the first pop ups that you get will be an offer to do something to earn free gems, such as to rate the game or to download another app for your device. When you complete these, you will earn free gems.

With some of them, all you have to do is tap on the pop up that appears, and then go back to the game without actually doing anything, and you will earn your free gems.

Even better, go to one of your castles on the map, and then tap on it. A menu pops up with your command points, options, training, Lords and messages, and a button in the lower left hand corner that says “Gem Shop”. Go to the gem shop, and then tap on the bottom menu, which says “Free Charge”. When you click that, you will be presented with even more offers to get free gems, as well as to get free coins. Tap on that and complete the various offers (such as signing in on Facebook) and reap the rewards!