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Legendary Heroes for iPhone and Android: How to get free Crystals

Legendary Heroes is a game for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the Android platform that is somewhere between Diablo and Backyard Monsters as far as gameplay goes. In this game you go through a number of stages, trying to defeat the enemy heroes and destroy their towers and sources. While the game can be very difficult at times, having Crystals always helps, but normally you have to pay for them, since they buy the best stuff that you can get in this game, Luckily you can get them for free, however – read on to find out how to get free Crystals!

The most obvious way to get free crystals is to do the following. When you are playing a stage, you will have a couple of “Sub Missions” that the game gives you. If you pass both of these Sub Missions on each new stage that you play, you will get Crystals as a reward for doing so. Unfortunately, after you beat these Sub Missions the first time, you can’t beat them again – you have to move onto the next stage to do so.

When that happens, click on the button in the top right corner of the screen that says “Get” with a picture of a gold coin and a crystal. Once you click on that, there will be two different buttons that say “complete an action to earn crystals”. Both of them work the exact same way, through, so it doesn’t matter which one you tap.

Tap one of the two buttons, and a whole list of “Earn Crystals” offers will pop up. Some of them will be completely free, while others require you to spend money on something else to earn the Crystals. Take the free ones, unless the ones that require you to spend money are ones that you would have spent money on anyways.

You will know which ones are free because below the right square that says “Earn XXX Crystals” (replace XXX with the number), it will either say “free”, “$” or “$$”. The dollar sign offers are the ones that cost you actual money, but the “free” ones are free.