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Tap Three Kingdoms for iPhone: How to get free gold and more coins!

Tap Three Kingdoms is a new iPhone strategy game that puts you square in the middle of the war between the various dynasties in old time China. You get to choose which one of the three kingdoms that you wish to play as, and then fight against the other two kingdoms (and against other players of the game, and their castles). In this game, gold is the premium currency, and if you have some gold, you can buy power ups that you normally would not be able to buy with any other form of currency, such as coins. Read on to find out how to get free gold and to get more coins!

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There are a couple ways to get free gold in this game. One of them is to do the following. First, when you are in the middle of the game, go to the “Shop” tab on the bottom of the screen. Then, once you are there, go to the tab bar at the top and hit “Get Gold”. Once you are there you’ll have a selection of many different options. Hit the one that says “Free Gold”.

Inside that are a number of offers that you can complete for free gold. Tap the “Free” button and you’ll be presented with a number of offers that can earn you gold for completing them. That’s not all, however.

To get even more free offers, hit the offer in the “Free” screen that prompts you to log into/sign up for Tapjoy. Once you are in Tapjoy, a wealth of other free offers will pop up, mostly to download other apps, which you can then use to earn free gold.

To get more coins, the main thing to do is to go to the Resource menu in your kingdom, and then upgrade the Copper Mine, which directly provides you with coins. Upgrade it as many times as you possibly can to earn coins faster.

However, another way to earn coins is to do the following. Go back to the Resource menu, and then in the tab bar at the top hit “exchange” and you will be able to exchange any other resource that you have for coins. In addition, you can always find more quests in the “quests” tab in the bottom bar and complete them in order to earn coins.