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Arcane Empires for iPhone: How to get free Gold and Mikko Tokens

Fans of Kingdoms of Camelot and Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle of the North will definitely enjoy the new iPhone and iPod Touch title Arcane Legends. In Arcane Legends, gold is the premium currency, and the things that you can buy with gold are things that will definitely speed you up as you play, and make it far less excruciating to boost your city to levels where it is manageable. Mikko Tokens are used to play in the lottery in the game. You can get one free Mikko Token a day, but what if you want more? Read on, then!

One way to get free gold is to do the following. In the bottom tab bar, go to the Share tab. From there, you can get free gold AND free Mikko Tokens. If you want to get free gold, hit the top button to connect the game to Facebook. If you do this, you will get free gold.

If you haven’t already done the above, you’ll get pop ups once in awhile asking you to connect the game to Facebook, inviting you to add friends and get free gold if you do. Tap the button, and it will connect to Facebook and you will earn free gold for taking the offer.

Go down to the bottom of the screen and you can send emails, texts and Facebook invites. Sending 10 of them will earn you 1 Mikko Token, an average of one per day. You can even send them to yourself if you want to.

Now, go back to the main screen, go to the bottom taskbar and find the settings tab. If you go to the settings and then go to “Kabam ID”, you will get a prompt to create a free account on Create an account and you will get 75 free gold. In addition, you’ll also receive free offers through that account which could potentially earn you even more premium prizes.

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