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Hello Hero – How to enhance, fuse, mutate and upgrade your heroes

Hello Hero is a quirky iOS RPG by Fincon that lets you play as such bizarre characters as a guitar-playing cowboy cactus or a living pistachio macaroon, among others. You have a nearly unlimited assortment of quests and battles that you can engage in, but to get strong enough to do so, you’ll need to engage in some creative measures. Enhancement, fusion, mutation and upgrading are just four of the advanced tricks that will allow you to become stronger. Read on to find out how to do all four of these!

Upgrading your hero is the first one you’ll be able to do. Under the hero management hero, select “upgrade”, and then pick a base hero, then a hero to sacrifice. You’ll lose the second hero; the first will either be upgraded, or earn upgrade points (which increase the chances of the next upgrade working). Each upgrade to a hero increases their base statistics, and each hero can be upgraded up to five different times.

Enhancement allows you to combine two identical heroes together, which enables you to level a hero to higher than 30. You can only do this for heroes that have three or more stars, though (Master is three stars). You can enhance a hero only once. Once you enhance them, they will be able to level as high as 33, rather than 30. That’s the only benefit to enhancement, at the cost of losing one of your two identical 3-star heroes. So you’ll have to decide for yourself if the cost is worth it.

Fusion allows you to combine two heroes of an identical grade (any grade) together to get a higher grade hero. Your heroes have to be at least level 30, and have had all five upgrades, though, in order to be fused together. Once you do this, fusion will give you a random new hero of a higher star grade.

Mutation ONLY works for legendary heroes, and is simple to do. Legendary heroes are six-star heroes, the rarest of them all. If you get two identical legendary heroes, you can mutate one of them to turn it into another, completely random six-star hero. This can only be done on a hero that has not reached level 30 yet.