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Hello Hero – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part three of the Hello Hero tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the same guide.

Honor points can be used to summon common monsters and even earn rare weapons when you get enough of them, but the main issue is that you only have 35 maximum. If you want to increase your maximum number of honor points that you can hold at the same time, start leveling up a bunch of your heroes to level 30. Each character that hits level 30 will add to the maximum honor points that you can have at the same time. Then start fighting in arenas, sending them back and forth with your friends, etc, in order to earn enough for rare equipment boxes.

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Go to the “Recruit” button on the main menu and you will find an entire Pokedex-style list of every single unit that you can find in every single quest area of the game. Look through this because oftentimes color-swapped common units can vary widely in power. So hold out for the most powerful color of unit, and know where to acquire them much more easily using this tool.

Want to level a character higher than thirty? Use the enhancement function to increase their max level up to 33. This only works when you have two identical heroes, one of them is level 30 already, and both of them have three or more stars of rarity. Use fusion to take two level 30, 5-upgrade heroes of the same rarity grade, and fuse them together into a random hero of a higher rarity grade.

The single best place to earn rare weapons, rare armor and rare heroes is in the dungeons. Pay attention to the chat area and you will notice that this is where most of the rare heroes are found (aside from carat purchases). The further through the dungeons that you go, the better the prizes get, but the tougher the battles get. So if you need to train for a hard dungeon, go back to the normal battles (especially green battles, which are multi stage, non boss battles) and play over and over.

There are very few heroes who can actually revive a fallen hero. One of them is Pancho, who is the larger version of the cactus-with-a-banjo. He can be found in the desert area and in the dungeons, so play in the desert over and over if you don’t find him in the dungeon. He can be a very valuable asset to your party.