Hello Hero – How to get more energy, stamina, coupon codes and rare items

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In Hello Hero, energy and stamina allow you to play in all of the various types of battles, be they the arena, dungeons, standard quests, planets, time attack, or PvP. Coupon codes will allow you to earn various freebies in the game. Items are organized by rarity just as heroes are, and rare, master, unique and legendary items are the best of all. Read on to find out how to get more of all of these!

Energy and stamina are used when you battle, and it takes a very long time and a lot of effort to use them all up. The main way to earn more (aside from waiting for them to rejuvenate) is to do two things. Check your prizes often, because the developers give out free energy and stamina every time there is a small interruption in the servers. Also, check the daily prizes often as many times they will consist of energy or stamina.

Coupon codes are very tough to come by. The main way to find coupon codes is by participating in treasure hunts and other limited time events. Developers may also send them out via Facebook or Twitter or other means of social network communication – even email. Plus, they can be used to restore lost Carats if you make a purchase and they don’t show up for some reason – if this is the case, simply send a message asking the developers about it.

Rare weapons and rare armor can turn even mediocre heroes into insanely powerful heroes. One of your best sources of rare weapons and armor is the dungeon mode. They will get rarer as you get further and further into the dungeon. After you beat the Keronic army’s final dungeon, go to the other planets to do the same thing.

Another way to get rare weapons and armor is to purchase them with honor points. You need to master loads of heroes (level them up to 30) to make this happen, though. Each hero that you register will add 5 maximum honor points to your counter. Up until then, you can only have 35 max honor points at a time, and to purchase a master box you will need 180 honor points.

Finally, you can earn rare weapons and armor by completing certain races of heroes in the “Recruit” screen. Other modes, such as the regular quest, have a rare chance at earning you these sorts of weapons. And finally, you can craft an “Accessory” using six items of the same grade.

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