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Reign of Dragons for iOS: how to get more Stamina, Attack Power and Defense Power

There are two different types of ‘energy’ in Reign of Dragons, a new card collecting game for the iPhone and iPod touch. One of them is stamina. Stamina is what you need in order to complete quests. Attack power and defense power not only control what kinds of cards you get to send into battle, but attack power allows you to go into battle mode and challenge other players to a card battle. Read on for some tips on how to get more stamina, attack power and defense power!

The main way to get more stamina is to either wait for it to refill, or to gain an experience level. If you gain an experience level, then you will instantly get a full refill of your stamina. Try to time your level ups so that when you gain a level, you are almost out of stamina; that way, you get the most bang for your buck.

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The same is true of your attack power. As you play in versus mode, and as you battle against other players, your attack power will drop, and when it is too low, you won’t be able to battle against other players. Your attack power will refill over time, though. Plus, when you gain an experience level, you will get a free full refill of your attack power. With that in mind, time your level ups so that your attack power is gone by the time you gain a level, to get the best bang for your buck.

If you have any stat points that you haven’t already spent, you can use them to boost your attack power and your stamina after you have run out, and they will add to both your maximum of both totals, and your current count of both totals. However, this is rather pointless to do, so you might as well boost your stats as soon as you get your stat points.

There are two different items that can refill your stamina and your power. If you use a power potion, your attack and defense power will be completely refilled. If you use a stamina potion, then your stamina will be refilled in its entirety. You earn plenty of both of these types of potions during quests, as a boss battle reward, or as a daily login reward, so they should last you quite awhile. You can always go to the store and buy more of both using gems.