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Dungeon Boss – How to get rare (three, four, and five star) heroes

Dungeon Boss is an RPG that is full of heroes, hundreds of them in fact. You can unlock a ton of them throughout the game, but the one-star ones are heroes that there really doesn’t tend to be much use for. The holy grail of heroes is the rare ones – the three, four, and five-star heroes. Read on for some tips on how to get those rare heroes!

The most common method of getting rare heroes is through the portal, especially the heroic summon. Rack up the gems, whether buying them or for free, and you’ll get a heroic summon whenever you earn 300 gems, or 3,000 gems if you want to buy ten of them at a time. Often you will get rare tokens and rare items, but sometimes you’ll get rare heroes.

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Other summons inside of the portal can give you rare heroes eventually. The great summon and the honor summon will give you hero tokens as a reward. Sometimes, the heroes will be rare – this is far more likely with the honor summon than with the great summon. Plus, go for the VIP summon and you will be guaranteed a rare hero, but you need to be at least at a VIP level 5 to do this.

Once you unlock the My Dungeon area, go to the leaderboard, then go to the “rewards” area and check out what rewards you will earn in the weekly tournament in exchange for making a specific rank in the dungeon. The higher the rank, the more tokens you’ll earn, and the rewards change every time that the tournament resets.

Collect the daily rewards every day, and consider going VIP too, even though it costs real-life money. Going VIP can improve the daily rewards and get you even more rare characters just for logging in daily. Even without them, though, you can earn a decent amount of rares and rare tokens.

Check your quest menu and see what quests offer you rare heroes, and rare hero tokens, then complete those quests. Also, check the shop area. You’ll often find rare character tokens under Specials, and they usually cost honor scrolls or gold coins, rather than costing gems.