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Marvel Contest of Champions: All Heroes and Villains Guide – How to unlock every character

Marvel Contest of Champions is the wildly popular new mobile fighting game by Kabam that lets you collect all of your favorite Marvel characters, then fight them against one another. You get rare heroes, you get villains, and you get a helluva lot of crystals that you can get each character with. There’s a whole big list of heroes that can be had, one, two, three or four star heroes, some of which will and won’t require units to get. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get every hero in Marvel Contest of Champions!

The daily crystal is one of the main crystals that you can use to get champions. This one will earn you somewhere between a one star and a three star champion, most commonly a one star champion. You earn this once every 24 hours, so long as you keep collecting them once per day.

The others are the premium hero crystal, which costs units to buy, and the hero crystal, which is found in game, as a reward from battles, which will earn a one or two star hero. The premium crystal can earn you anywhere from a two star to a four star hero. The arena crystal, which is purchased using battle chips, has a chance at earning a four star rare hero as well.

Every hero can be had in the one star form, while less can be had in two star form, even less in three star form, and the least amount can be had in four star form. The following list is a list of heroes who can be had at up to four stars. Note that a four star variant of Punisher can only be found with an Arena Crystal:
Black Panther


Note that every single one of the above heroes can be had at three or less stars. Punisher can be found without using an Arena Crystal at less than four stars, but at four stars only the Arena Crystal unlocks it. Head to page two for the rest of the hero lists.

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