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Dungeon Boss – Guide to leveling up and ascending your characters

Dungeon Boss is a new RPG for the iOS platform that’s shot up to become one of the top games on the App Store and Google Play. You build a team of fighters, power them up, and take on an entire world full of dungeons, as well as raiding other players and stealing food out of their dungeons too. You have to level up and ascend your characters in order to keep them strong, though. Read on for some tips on how to level and ascend your characters in Dungeon Boss!

Leveling up your characters outside of battle is simply enough. You have all manner of experience potions at your disposal. The regular potion adds 20 experience, while there are also 100 exp potions, 400 exp potions, 1,600 exp potions, and the insane, 5,000 experience point-earning Exp Sarseparilla.

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Of course, all of these are nearly useless if your player level is not high enough. In this game, the level of your fighters can only go as high as your player level. So to increase your player level, you’ll have to battle in the single player mode. A lot. If you are stuck on a current stage, then go back to old stages and auto-battle to your heart’s content.

You can upgrade each character’s skills too, on an individual basis, by spending coins. You’ll almost always have enough coins to do this with, and if you don’t, you’re probably a big spender. Each skill can get to a level equalling the level of the fighter who possesses the skill, which of course, is limited by player level.

Ascending a warrior is something different entirely. Luckily, you don’t need to have your fighter at any particular level in order to ascend them, you just need to have the right Evos. Evos are the little blobs that sometimes appear in certain levels. Common characters will take very few Evos in order to ascend, but rare ones will require a lot more of them, and rarer ones too.

To find out where to go to get the evo you need, go to the profile of one of your characters under the Roster menu, then go to Ascend. You’ll see a list of the Evos you need. Tap on the picture of one of the Evos and it will show all of the levels where that Evo can be found. Go to the levels as many times as you need to in order to get the Evo. Kill it when you see it and you’ll earn it at the end of the level.