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Dungeon Boss – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

The main obstacle to leveling up is the player level, because you can’t go past the player level with any of your fighters. If you are stuck on a level, go back to previous levels and fight them until your player level upgrades once or twice. Your fighter levels will upgrade too, and if they don’t, you can always catch them up using the various experience potions.

The auto-battle function will allow you to finish these fights quickly. If you hit the button in battle (the little sword icon in the lower right corner of the screen) your characters will automatically use the default attack, and the speed of the battle will increase a bit. However, in later rounds, you’ll want to take auto-battle off for the boss character as your skills will make it a lot quicker and easier to beat the boss.

Be mindful of the character types when it comes to advantages and disadvantages (mostly for skill attacks). Red beats green, green beats blue, and blue beats red. Dark and light (purple and yellow) are strong against each other. A well-balanced team makes it easy to beat tougher battles, so if you get stuck on a round with tough enemies who are homogenous in type, organize your team for a type advantage against them.

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Even if you only have a team of three that’s powerful, always have a fourth fighter set so that you won’t have any weak points during the dungeon raids, and for when your own dungeon gets raided. If you have a backup 2 or 3-star character sitting off in the background, with a level of 1 because you haven’t used them yet, level them up quickly and then get them into the fight.

When you come up against an enemy team who has a healer, they’ll ruin every single effort of yours especially if they have a group healing spell. Target them first, and then the rest will be a whole lot easier. After that, take out the characters with the skills that cause splash damage, since they can weaken a team VERY quickly.

Watch replays of the times that you get attacked, especially the times that you get beaten. They will help you to see where your team has a weak spot, so that you can correct that weakness later on. Sometimes it can come down to a type disadvantage; other times the team that beat you will simply have a higher rarity, more ascended characters or higher levels.

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