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King of Fighters ’98 UM OL (Ultimate Match Online) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

King of Fighters ’98 UM OL (or Ultimate Match Online) is a new mobile RPG based off of one of the greatest games in the history of the King of Fighters series. You can fight in a more active way than most other mobile RPGs, as well as collect all of the fighters, upgrade and enhance them for higher power levels, and take a trip back through the backstory that lead up to the legendary fighting game. Read on for some tips and tricks for King of Fighters ’98 UM OL (Ultimate Match Online)!

Once you finish up with the tutorial, you can set the matches to auto-fight mode. This is a huge advantage for easy battles, preventing you from having to mess with them; however, for tougher battles, you’re going to have much more of an advantage if you fight in manual mode. Landing perfect hits does a LOT more damage.

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You’ll load up on equipment as you go both from battles and from the various quest rewards and random rewards in this game. When you get the right equipment, go to the team menu and a red dot will appear next to the people that you can either equip or enhance. Keep the enhancements going for higher power levels, so that you can keep up with stronger enemies.

Come back to the bar and collect fighter fragments as often as possible. You’ll get a free one from the blue (common) column once every ten minutes, and even the common ones can be a boon to your team once you build up enough fragments to make a new fighter, or to enhance one of the fighters that you already have.

As well, be sure to keep the experience levels of your fighters up. You can level them up as high has the level of your team, but no higher, so you’ll have to level your team up via battles. Your fighters won’t level up as quickly as your team will, though, so you will have to use your experience potions and other assorted experience boosting items to get them caught up.

You can hit the arena later in the game; you will be able to go there once you reach team level 15 or above. Participate as often as the game allows you to, because there are significant rewards for ranking up.