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EA Sports UFC (iOS/Android): How to get more fighters

EA Sports UFC is surprisingly one of the best new fighting games for the iOS and Android platforms. This game features real fighters and real martial arts, and you can have multiple fighters at a time that you can take on their own “road to the octagon”. Getting new fighters is part of the fun – who doesn’t love collection? – but it can be tough to figure out how to actually unlock them sometimes. Read on for some tips and tricks for getting more fighters in EA Sports UFC for the iOS and Android!

The main way to get new fighters is luck. Go to the store and purchase one of the Training Packs, which is the most basic box in the store. Most of the time it will be full of new moves; mostly common and at least one guaranteed rare move. However, sometimes, once out of every 7 boxes or so, you will end up finding a new fighter inside of the box.

Once you do, go to the list of fighter boxes at the top of the main menu screen (where your primary fighter is located). You will see one fighter and three locked boxes, but after you earn the new fighter, a blue ribbon will appear next to one of the locked boxes. Tap on the box with the ribbon next to it and you will get the option to add your new fighter to said box.

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Other packs in the store will have a far better chance of earning specific fighters. Packs such as the Limited Edition Pack and the Starter Pack have specific fighters assigned to them. Others, such as the multiple training packs at a time, simply do the same thing as one Training Pack, just more overall items at once.

Go to the Live Events mode whenever a real life UFC event gets anywhere close to happening. That’s when you’ll see something good in here, and usually you will earn a pack with a guaranteed fighter for ranking high enough in the special events. You will need to already have enough fighters unlocked in specific weight classes that you can match them up to what’s required for the purposes of the event, just to participate in the first place.

If all of that is too slow for you, or you have some money to spend on gold, then go to the list of fighters and any that you don’t have available, you can purchase one at a time. Price depends on rarity, which usually depends on how well that fighter is doing in real life, weight class, or (if they are a retired fighter) how good they used to be. Wait for the next update or two and more fighters, including female fighters, will eventually show up.