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Dungeon Link – Tricks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dungeon Link is a new role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms by Gamevil. Your character and a whole cast of companions and helpers set out on a journey to rescue a group of towns people who have been kidnapped by evil monsters. A card collection element is here with all kinds of monsters that you can collect, both common and rare, along with numerous innovations such as a unique square to square battle system. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeon Link!

One of the main ways to gain an instant advantage is by executing a perfect attack. Whenever you swipe over a square during an attack, that square disappears until the next turn. The way to execute a perfect attack is to make every single square disappear in one turn. If you do that you will dish out loads of extra damage to every enemy on the screen. This is typically very advantageous although if you have one character who is orders of magnitude more powerful than the others, it can actually be better to just spread their attack out as far as you can.

If you need to improve your characters, one of the best ways to do so is to go back to battles that you have already beaten and play them over again. Each time you play an old battle, just as with any of the new ones you have a chance and earning bonuses such as new characters which you can then used. You can also earn summon tickets. Increase the difficulty level if you want to earn even better re-wards.

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Summon tickets are used for the purpose of acquiring new characters. A normal summon will typically earn you one star to two star characters, which are very common. Others can earn you three, four, or even five star characters, which are rare and are far more powerful than the common ones. Load up your party with as many rare characters as possible.

There are all kinds of things that are not unlocked right away, but that you can unlock later, such as auto battle mode. The way to unlock these is not to gain player levels, but to advance as far as you can in the normal single player mode. Every feature that you can unlock is tied to one specific dungeon, and once you beat that specific dungeon, you will unlock the new mode of play, typically with a little introductory tutorial.

Gems are the premium currency in this game. In order to earn them are for free, complete the quest at the game gives you. Most of them will earn you free gems, while some of them will earn you free gold or other goodies, such as runes or new warriors.