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EA Sports UFC (iOS and Android) Tips and Tricks: Cheats, Hints and Strategy Guide

EA Sports UFC is a brand-new fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game you play as a real life UFC fighter, and you’re goal is to train your fighter, fight against other real life fighters, and eventually win the championship. You can collect silver and gold and then use them to purchase new fighters, new abilities, and other upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for EA Sports UFC!

Each fighter has a specific set of skills that they unlock as they level. You upgrade the skills and your fighter with various skill cards. If you match a skill card with the skill of the fighter, then the experience points that are gained from using that card as a material card will be multiplied by six, giving your fighter a massive boost. Always use the matched skill cards first when you are upgrading your fighter.

That said, when you are building an extremely powerful fighter, don’t wait for matched skill cards to come around. Rare, epic, and legendary skills are actually not all that uncommon, so don’t be afraid to use them to boost the experience points of your fighter. You will typically find more of them in short order every time that you purchase the training box.

Learn how to best to mix up your fighting moves during a fight. Alternate between the weak, medium, and strong attacks to keep your opponent offguard, and learn how to anticipate and what cues to watch out for so that you can dodge or block at will. Make sure that you are in close or in the middle of a combo before using your special skills. Try to save up three of them and use them all at once.

Coins are extremely important because they are used to purchase more fighters and more upgraded packs. The main method of earning more coins is by winning fights. Go back and fight against enemies that you have previously been in order to earn more coins quickly. Also, go to the in app purchase store and you can watch advertisement videos in order to get free coins.

There is no way to earn free gold in this game so far. Gold is the premium currency and is used to purchase premium fighters without having to fight for them or spend any of the silver coins is that you have worked hard to earn. If you want to get some of the same benefits without actually earning gold, though, participate in the limited time events that are tied to large UFC promotions and earn yourself some rare fighters by ranking high.

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