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Masters of the Masks – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Masters of the Masks is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Square Enix and Lastmoon Games. Typical of a Square production, this is one seriously pretty looking game. Your group of masked characters can equip a wide range of masks, weapons and armor, and your goal is to fight your way through the large overworld of the game, while collecting masks, silver and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for Masters of the Masks!

The battle stages start off easy, but they get fairly tough after awhile. You can boost stats by crafting new equipment, or by creating or merging masks. Go to the stages that you have already beaten when you know that they have the right rewards, and build up your stash of materials until you have what you need for some crafting.

The other option, of course, is to simply grind until you gain enough experience points for a few level ups. Each time your characters gain a level they gain a stat boost without having to mess with their equipment at all. Plus, with each battle that you win, you will gain coins too.

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Be sure to complete all of the achievements listed in the achievement menu, which has an icon that looks like a gold medal. When you see a number next to it, go to the achievements menu to collect your reward for the ones that have been completed. This is your main way of earning free gold in this game; otherwise, you’re gonna end up purchasing gold in the IAP store.

Put your most powerful, highest-level character with the highest stats as your leader card. Do this and your leader card will get chosen by more players off of the initial list at the beginning of the battle, causing you to get more add requests in this game. Pick by the same qualifications when you choose which leader to take into battle; pick the strongest, highest-leveled one with the most powerful statistics.

You can get significant elemental advantages from using the right weapons and armor in battle. Fire beats life, life beats rock, rock beats water and water beats fire, so match up properly against your rivals for a large advantage. You can always sell any old equipment that you don’t need in order to get more silver; however, be sure that you won’t need it for any of these match ups before you do.