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Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits is a unique new puzzle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. The game stars characters from all throughout the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers (AKA Vampire) series, in which you combine puzzle blocks in order to defeat your enemies and collect spirits. You can power up and grow up your fighter, execute huge combos and use and combine skills, and fight your way to the top. Read on for some tips and tricks for Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits!

When you tap the spirits, you collect all of the spirits of the same color, which then leaves a large spirit of an identical color in their place. Large spirits become rainbow spirits, and rainbow spirits, when combined together, have huge damage bonuses. Rainbow spirits will also fill the gauges of all of your skills, regardless of color.

Fill your fighter’s skill deck with the strongest skills possible, and then you can use the rest in the boost scroll generator in order to power up your fighter. This costs plenty of coins, of course, but with different skills added to the generator you have a higher chance at different boost scrolls.

Skill cards themselves can be leveled up just like your fighter can. Unlike your fighter, who gains experience from participating in battle, skill cards are leveled up by sacrificing other skill cards. If you boost a skill card, use sacrifice cards with identical attributes for an experience point bonus in order to save gold and make the most out of each of your cards.

If you want to earn a lot of gold quickly, go to the battles, tab over to the events and fight the Money Match. The skill builders and training rounds can earn you skills and boost scrolls. Tab over to the special events for the best chances at earning event-specific cards and other goodies.

After you make a rainbow combo, keep the combo going by tapping to make a combo within the lit-up glowing area. The longer that you can keep this going, the better the combo that you will be able to make and the more damage you can do to the enemy. Do more level 2 spirit or rainbow spirit combos within the glowing blocks for even higher damage from your combo attacks.

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