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Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

While speed is the key in this game, you also don’t want to knock off too many regular hits, because the more hits you land on the opposing player, the faster their limit break meter fills up. Make your hits count and land as many special attacks as possible, even if it means sticking an early gem-clearing orb off to the side in order to get it out of the way.

While you can swipe down in order to make a pair of blocks fall down more quickly, often it will hang above the landing point for a second or two before it actually lands. To prevent this, swipe down a second time, or make a longer swipe down, in order to land it immediately. You’ll move on to your next pair far quicker, and doing this consistently will give you a huge advantage.

As you near the end of a round, if you have a bunch of timer gems in your board but many of them are the same color, stick a bunch of blocks off to the side at a very quick pace, even putting them on top of each other to drive the whole board down if you need to. Set a gem-clearing orb on top of the timer blocks and then wait for the countdown to finish and a powerful attack will land automatically.

There are different tiers to the prizes that you’ll earn from Honda’s Hundred Hand House, and if you get a rarer one, you’ll get better rewards. Enter the house and tap the silhouette of the reward tray to see all possible prizes. The rarer ones even have a good shot at earning you more gems. You can reroll for 50 gems if you want to try your hand at a better prize.

Check the store constantly to see what kind of moves you can buy, as the store refreshes every day. If you have 500 gems to blow, then you can even purchase a new character outright. You can also buy rare new moves for characters that you already have for the price of 1,000 coins each.

Experiment with different combinations of support cards. When you make a 2×2 combo or larger combos, your support cards will jump in and use their special attacks, doing huge amounts of damage to the opposing player. Test support characters to see whose special support moves you like best, and who uses their moves the most often.

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