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Puzzle Fighter (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Puzzle Fighter is Capcom’s sequel to the addictive Street Fighter parody Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Puzzle Fighter, which comes out 21 years after the original game, is an addictive competitive gem-dropping game that plays like Dr. Mario on steroids, as your goal is to make gem combinations in order to damage your opponent and win the fight. You can unlock characters from all over the Capcom universe, from Dark Stalkers to Resident Evil, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Puzzle Fighter!

Each character of yours has a specific set of special attacks that require different special gems in order to shoot off. These attacks range from 2×2 gems to 3×3 gems (more difficult) and gems that are more rectangular instead of square. The character’s difficulty level depends on how difficult or easy it is to pull off their gem special attacks – Haggar is more difficult because of his 3×3 secondary special attack, compared to other characters’ 2×3 attacks.

The other stats are shown ranked from 1-5 on the character’s main stat screen, but tap the picture of the card and you’ll see the full stat numbers, which change as your character levels up. Their full health and attack numbers will change as the levels increase, so keep leveling up whatever card it is that you choose to fight with.

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Each main character will have a gem affinity, and if you make matches in the color of their affinity, you will bonus damage. Once you play 4 PvP matches, you’ll unlock one support card, and once you play seven PvP matches, you’ll unlock another support card, and both of the support cards will be able to add their own affinities to your main character. Match all three of their affinities onto one gem color for a level 3 affinity bonus.

The more rounds you play and the more coins you collect, the more you can upgrade your cards as long as they have enough upgrade cards per move. These cards can be earned by making spins in Honda’s Hundred Hand House whenever you’re done with a battle. You can spend gems on cards or chests as well – the chests will have better random rewards as you spend more gems, and the character cards will give you a sure thing character in exchange for some gems spent. There’s only so many spins you can do before you have to wait for it to refresh.

Hit the mission mode and you’ll be able to play against characters that aren’t even available to unlock in the game yet, such as (currently) Mega Man. Beat them to collect MP and unlock chests. Once your MP bar fills up to the top, you’ll be able to unlock an extremely rare chest, and when you beat a mission and want to unlock a rare one right away, you’ll be able to by spending gems to do so.

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