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Farming Dead – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Farming Dead is a new idle farming zombie game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to raise zombies up to farm, have them farm as many viruses as possible, and use those viruses to make even more zombies. You can collect infectious cells, zombie heads, and gold, which is the premium currency, for all sorts of other bonuses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Farming Dead!

Viruses take a long time and a lot of zombie swiping to earn, so automate your zombies as soon as you can. Buy the other upgrades as well, which typically include dropping the zombie production time by 50 percent or doubling your virus output, in order to speed things along. Always have popcorn going for your zombies so that they have at least four hours worth of virus doubling.

Once you unlock plot six, you’ll be able to sacrifice your zombies in exchange for zombie heads. The more zombie heads you have, the more of a performance bonus you get, 2% per zombie head, and the more viruses you get, the more zombie heads you’ll get in exchange for trading them in. Wait as long as possible if you can in order to maximize your zombie heads.

Head to the spin and win twice per day, once every 12 hours, because you’ll be able to spin for huge bonuses for free, from massive amounts of viruses, to free gold, to even more zombie heads. Head next door to Zombiewood and you can watch a trailer for one gold at a time, or you can pay 99 cents for the gold doubler, and every trailer that you watch will then be worth double the amount of gold.

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Head to the infectious cells area to extract cells from the zombies, which will help you go towards infecting the world. The more cells that you infect the world with, the higher that your infection level will go. The main purpose of this mode is to earn free gold; as the level increases, so will the amount of free gold that you will earn.

Gaining levels will also give you free gold. Stars help you to gain levels, and are earned not by proportion to the amount of viruses you earn, but to the amount of times that you swipe over a zombie that is ready to be collected from. Swipe rapidly over the first two plots to earn experience points extremely quickly. Keep an eye on the pink bar up top – when it fills up, you’ll gain a level