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Dead Ahead (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Dead Ahead is a new, extremely well executed zombie shooting endless-runner game for the iPhone and other iOS devices. The cartoon intro at the beginning is slightly disturbing, yet the game itself is crazy, blood infested, light hearted action, where you ride a moped or a motorcycle, crash through zombies while escaping from more zombies, shooting your gun to try to get the zombies off your back. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dead Ahead for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

There are two ways to shirk the zombies that are chasing you. One is to tap the fire button to shoot at them, and the other is to move side to side to run them into cars, roadblocks, other zombies and any other object that they can crash into. When shooting at them, if you kill all of the zombies before emptying your clip, fire the rest of your bullets anyways, so that you can empty your clip and start the process of reloading. That way you will be reloaded when the next wave of zombies comes up behind you.

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Move side to side constantly when you’re being tailed by a group of zombies to avoid having them get too close. The more you keep moving, the more likely you are to run them into a car or into another zombie. Don’t forget to save your bullets for when one gets too close to you, though.

Use the acceleration to race through the stage as quickly as possible, but watch out because objects will come up on you at extremely quick speeds, so you have to react much more quickly. To slow yourself down, let off of the accelerator and run into one of the stationary zombies. Hold the accelerator and hit a zombie and you’ll maintain your speed.

The quickest way to get coins is to complete the objectives as soon as you can. The more of them you complete, the faster you will rank up, and the more coins you will earn. So not only will you unlock more items to buy, you’ll have the means with which to buy them.

Cars never appear on the center line that divides the two lanes in the street. So jump onto the line and hold the accelerator button down, and you’ll avoid almost every single car and go nearly unlimited distances, especially after the first boss is killed. The only real obstacles in your path will be the bosses who come up behind you who you have to shoot as quickly as possible in order to kill.

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