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Guide to Dead Trigger for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Dead Trigger is a zombie shooting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This one is a first person shooter, and is much tougher than a lot of the other games in its genre for the iPhone. You are set into a post-apocalyptic city, where you and a few dozen others are the only humans alive, compared to the millions of zombies that are still roaming around, trying to eat anybody that they find. Your goal is to complete a very wide range of missions and quests around the city in an effort to keep the humans safe and kill the zombies. Read on for more tips and tricks!

During the first few stages of the tutorial, you will be using an M4 machine gun, which is one of the best weapons you can buy in the game, but later on you will be using the Colt 1911 pistol. First of all, when you still have the m4, your mission should be to kill as many zombies with as many headshots and even limb shots as possible. The more heads, limbs and disintegrations you score, the more money you earn.

Once you do have the pistol, save up what you need to in order to get 2,000 coins so that you can upgrade to the Scorpion machine gun, which does FAR more damage and fires like an automatic weapon. It’s accuracy isn’t great, but it doesn’t matter since you’ll score so many more hits with an automatic weapon.

If you want to change up the controls or if the control scheme is just confusing you, check out the options menu (the red gear in the upper right hand corner) and it will show you a couple options as to controls. One of them switches aiming from the right side to the left, and moving from the left to the right (but shooting stays on the right). The invert vertical option moves the scope up when you press down and down when you press up.