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Guide to Bolt! for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Bolt! is an iPhone and iPod Touch side-scrolling auto running game starring none other than Usain Bolt, the one who the game is named after. You play as Usain Bolt, running across the Caribbean, trying to escape from a bunch of pirates after running off with the treasure that they stole. As you run you pick up things such as coins and Gatorade, while trying to avoid water (which slows you down, compared to Gatorade, which speeds you up in this game). Read on for some tips and tricks to Bolt!

While it’s annoying getting shot at by the big pirate ship, there is nothing you can really do about it until you buy the launcher after earning 1,000 coins. After that, you will only have about 20 ammo left which isn’t enough to do much of anything, but spend 500 coins on a pack of 300 ammo and you will be able to destroy almost anything for quite awhile.

To destroy the giant pirate ship that flies overhead, first, do the above, including the part about buying the pack of ammo. Then wait until the big pirate ship flies past you in the background, then appears in the foreground at the edge of the screen to shoot you.

When it appears in the foreground, start tapping rapidly to shoot at it rapidly. Don’t tap too far to the right or the game will think that you’re trying to pause it, though. Just aim and fire. If you fire enough shots to blow up the ship you will earn a TON of points.

The only barrels and boxes that you need to avoid are the red ones. There is absolutely no need to avoid the regular brown ones, because they don’t hurt you or even slow you down or drain your fuel at all when you hit them. Instead, run straight through the brown ones and jump over or slide under (or after you get the launcher, just shoot) the red ones.

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