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Boonk Gang – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Boonk Gang is a new viral iOS and Android game by Tastypill and Fyre Media where the goal is to “boonk” people and steal their money. Your goal is to take as much cash as possible while avoiding “the man”, AKA the cops, collect money that you can use to purchase new characters, and compete against other players for the best score that you can get. Read on for some tips and tricks for Boonk Gang!

Tap and/or hold on the right side of the screen to turn to the right, and tap and/or hold on the left side of the screen to turn left. Your goal is to avoid all cops, including the ones who have civilians surrounding them, and to hit the civilians who don’t have cops surrounding them. Do this and they will drop cash. Pick the cash up to add to your score.

After each round, you can watch a video in exchange for 50 free coins to add to your stockpile. Between the videos and the cash that you pick up while you’re playing the game, the cash will add up fairly quickly. For now though, avoid the videos, as due to a programming error, they will give you nothing in exchange for watching them. When the next update comes around (the first update, if you’re reading this well after the game came out), the videos should have their effectiveness restored.

However, you’re going to need a TON of it if you want to buy a new character. Right now, the only character who is available for purchase costs a whopping 10,000 cash to purchase. Watch for more updates to come to the game, as more characters will be added, and most likely, the prices of the characters will drop to reflect a more fair price for everyone.

Pick up the power-ups when you see them fall during a round. For example, if a lightning bolt falls, then pick it up and your character will gain both invincibility and double speed for about 15 seconds. So you’ll be able to run around and boonk civilians, and if a cop touches you, nothing will happen, at least until the lightning bolt runs out.

You can either tap or hold on the screen in order to turn. Tap if you want to turn slowly – tap multiple times to keep the turn going. If you want to make a quick turn, then hold down on the side of the screen that corresponds with the direction that you want to turn.

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